5 July 2013

New Zealand’s home-based childcare providers have welcomed the Government’s decision to work more closely with the sector, rather than putting it through a review process.

The national Home Early Learning Organisation, HELO, president Jenny Yule said members support the Ministry of Education’s decision to reconsider the need to review the home-based early childhood education (ECE), and instead work more closely with the sector.

“HELO has been working closely with the Ministry of Education and sees the Government’s  endorsement of support for the home based sector as a huge step forward. People who work in the home-based sector understand the importance of working closely with families/ whānau during the formative years of a child’s emotional growth and development.”

“We support the Government’s decision to progress initiatives already underway and we look forward to continuing our work with the Government to ensure all children get the best possible start in life,” says Ms Yule.

“We appreciate the Government’s acknowledgement today that home-based childcare makes a valuable contribution to children and their families’ lives, particularly the wrap-around support home-based ECE provides to vulnerable children and priority groups such as Māori, Pasifika, and lower socio-economic families” says Ms Yule.

“Home-based ECE, with the small ratios of care and ability to offer a quality one on one relationship in a secure home setting, helps provide the best start for babies, infants and preschoolers. Development is not a ‘one size fits all’ and home-based childcare provides holistic education and care that benefits each child, based on their socio, cultural and individual needs.”

Home-based childcare continues to be the fastest growing part of the New Zealand ECE sector. “It’s great to see more families choosing home-based childcare as they become even more aware of the science behind the crucial first three years of a child’s life where smaller ratios of quality care in a secure home setting, with natural play and learning provide their children with the best start,” says Ms Yule.

The Government has also recognised that home-based childcare is creating more employment opportunities, particularly for at-home mums who are already caring for their own children.

“Home-based childcare is offering great job opportunities, and education and training, for at home parents who are becoming educators caring for other children too.

“I’d encourage anyone considering a profession in early childhood education to contact local home-based ECE services in their region to look into employment, education and training opportunities for them.”



For more information please contact:       

HELO President Jenny Yule 021 546 012


The Home Early Learning Organisation (HELO) represents nearly 9000 children and 50% of the in-home ECE sector, including over 4000 Educators, Nannies and Au Pairs.

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